“This is a nod to our admiration of Krautrock. We have always been huge fans of NEU! And Can, and I think that kind of got touched on with the first record already, but we wanted to try and make something as pure as organic as it seemed they did. Stripping back the effects and trying to make it as real as possible. The vocals are about a relationship. Trying and trying to make something work and it still failing. You want it to happen so much that sometimes you don’t realise that it’s impossible. It’s important to realise that moment.”

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Ondanks de lockdown-periode wist de post-shoegaze, dream pop en indie (kraut/post-punk) rock-formatie bdrmm, uit het Engelse Hull, in 2020 toch een behoorlijke impact te maken met hun debuut-album “Bedroom”. Het werd onthaald als ‘a heady, forward-thinking shoe gaze distillation’ (Clash), ‘one of the underground hits of lockdown’ (The Guardian) en NME-magazine gaf het de maximale vijf sterrren en noemde de release ‘a modern day shoe gaze classic’! De band is nu terug met hun tweede album “I Don’t Know”, en bevat weer de kenmerkende ‘effects-laden guitars (The Cure, Ride), dreamy ambient melody-lines (Beach House, Slowdive) and motorik grooves (NEU!, Can), but now added with piano, strings, electronica, sampling and the occassional dance beat’. Stilstand is achteruitgang en bdrmm toont aan dat shoegaze anno 2023 nog innovatief en springlevend kan zijn!

B E N E L U X   S H O W S:

17-10 – Cactus – Brugge

19-10 – Trix – Antwerpen

20-10 – Left Of The Dial Festival – Rotterdam

21-10 – Left Of The Dial Festival – Rotterdam

04-11 – Paradiso – Amsterdam

05-11 – Merleyn – Nijmegen


Op 30 juni verscheen het album: “I Don’t Know”

16 september 2023
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