Disguised as Progressive Metal, The Hirsch Effekt are again twisting their habits on their sixth full-length album “Urian“. The new album dives musically deep into the increasingly obtrusive ambivalence between crises and everyday life.

“Urian” is the name of the uninvited guest, whose encounter is usually quite undesirable. It captivates you with its sound for almost an hour and cleverly points out all the crooked muck with an insidious hug! Urian takes its time, lets us breathe and catch our breath between powerful continuous pattering. Atmospheric collages expand and hard cuts enter the scene – though sometimes in a sensitively acoustic way with polished vocals and groovy passages – until Urian punches you roughly in the gut from the side again out of nowhere.

Significantly less conceptual than the 2020 album “Kollaps”, it is nevertheless an absolute further evolution. Textual ciphers seem more intimate, relationships and references are apparently obvious. Socio-political topics are discussed, in which the musicians critically question themselves and current developments. In addition to democracy-destroying bots that nestle in people’s heads in Instagram comments, The Hirsch Effekt gives a voice to those who don’t have one or to those for whom all the beautiful life is still waiting. From this dystopian, but clear understanding of the world and values, a civilized hope arises, thanks to which “Urian“ is allowed to still stay over for tea.


30.09.2023 DE, Köln – Euroblast Festival
18.10.2023 DE, München – Backstage
19.10.2023 DE, Karlsruhe – Jubez
20.10.2023 DE, Siegen – Vortex
21.10.2023 DE, Leipzig – Soltmann
25.10.2023 DE, Münster – Sputnikhalle
26.10.2023 DE, Frankfurt – Nachtleben
27.10.2023 DE, Kassel – Goldgrube
28.10.2023 DE, Aukrug – Bobble Cap Festival
02.11.2023 DE, Potsdam – Waschhaus
03.11.2023 DE, Hamburg – Logo
09.11.2023 DE, Bremen – Tower
10.11.2023 DE, Hannover – Musikzentrum
11.11.2023 DE, Oberhausen – Druckluft
Tickets: reservix.de/tickets-the-hirsch-effekt/t8444

Line Up:
Nils Wittrock – Guitar, Vocals
Ilja John Lappin – Bass, Vocals
Moritz Schmidt – Drums

20 september 2023
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