“To sum it up, take everything you’ve heard of before, then subtract that, because that is exactly what System Corporation sound like. Not afraid to cross pollinate the genre and sub-genres of indie rock and alternative, they have put together one of the most refreshingly unique albums I’ve heard of this subsect this year. An outstanding debut for System Corporation and again, one you need to jump in on. Something great has happened here and you don’t want to be left behind. I look forward to what’s next” – muzic.net.nz




System Corporation,

the dystopian indie rock ensemble hailing from New Zealand, is thrilled to announce the release of their long awaited debut album, ‘Foundation & Method’.

The band’s journey began in 2011 when Phil Somervell (The Datsuns) and Scott Newth, their live sound and studio engineer, engaged in a conversation about swapping demos. This pivotal exchange occurred while they shared a flat in Stockholm during the production of The Datsuns’ album ‘Death Rattle Boogie.’ A band was quickly formed after invitations were sent to Ben Cole (The Datsuns), and Scott’s long time song writing collaborators and brothers, Andrew Newth (Southern Tribe), and Kent Newth (Rumpus Room) They joined forces with Phil and Scott, solidifying the formation of System Corporation.

Inspired by the dismal state of voter turnouts worldwide (Apathy Is Easy), the 2011 Occupy Wall Street protests (Dismal Universal Hiss), and the callous indifference of the corporate led capitalist system (Hangs With The Hares, Hunts With The Hounds).  System Corporation’s lyrics resonate with a sense of urgency. Written before the appearance of the pandemic, the world has changed considerably, but lyrically System Corporation’s words still ring ‘true’.

Scott Newth reflects on the growing number of individuals who refrain from participating in elections, citing their belief in the ineffectiveness of their vote or their disconnect from political leaders. “”Apathy is easy, Our numbers are growing, All we have to do is sit and wait,” encapsulates the frustrating reality that the apathetic possess the potential to enact change, but are immobilised by their own indifference”.

With influences wildly ranging from Sonic Youth and The Clash to Alt-J and Ty Segall, System Corporation crafts a sonic tapestry that seamlessly blends calculated precision with unbridled intensity. Their production work primarily takes place in Hamilton, while the band members hail from Thames, Hamilton, and Wellington, bringing together diverse perspectives and musical backgrounds.

Scott Newth: “People always ask us who we sound like, it seems to be an industry obsession with compartmentalising music into genres.  I get that.  We’ve been compared to bands such as Black Sabbath, and The Who by some writers, but honestly we have no personal connection with either of those acts.  The more common comparisons we get are with Joy Division, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and Interpol.  Those are massive acts and it became apparent that people connect our music to what they know, so it will be different for everyone, so we encourage people to make their own comparisons.

There are 5 of us, so our influences are wide ranging.  Sonic Youth is a big one, and bands like Idles, DIIV, Savages, the list is huge. Do we sound like any of these acts? Hard to say, at times maybe.  We don’t really sound like The Datsuns, Rumpus Room or Southern Tribe (System Corp’s other associated acts) and some of our songs don’t even sound like other System Corporation songs.”

Phil Somervell: “The original idea (for Apathy Is Easy for example) was inspired from a complete obsession with the band Pond from Perth. The way they can start a song somewhere;  start a groove or a melody, and have it turn you around; twist your neck muscles toward the speakers where the sound is coming from and then finish it up somewhere completely unexpected, taking you along for a ride.

I started writing and recording a lot of music with the idea  that there could be songs within songs, that you’d have to listen a bit to get to the good stuff, or that maybe different ideas could merge together and be seamless with each other no matter what or how weird the transition.”

In a nod to the band’s paradoxical vision, System Corporation draws its name from Systembolaget, a state-owned liquor store chain in Sweden. By adopting this moniker, the band highlights the government’s ability to control alcohol sales effectively and allocate profits back into social services. The irony lies in System Corporation’s promotion of a socialist ethos through its seemingly corporate identity.

Following their widely acclaimed debut single, ‘Dismal Universal Hiss,’ System Corporation has garnered praise from notable publications such as The Big Takeover Magazine, Jammerzine, Impose Magazine, With Guitars, and Kalporz.

‘Foundation & Method’ is a testament to System Corporation’s commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. The album’s track list includes the captivating new video single ‘Hangs with the Hares, Hunts With The Hounds,’ alongside an enthralling radio ready single ‘Hilversum’.  Also included are previous singles ‘Apathy Is Easy’ and a newly remixed and remaster version of ‘Dismal Universal Hiss’.

30 augustus 2023
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