Squad of valiant Fuzziliers invites you to a journey through space and time with their debut album. Armed with fuzzes (obviously), synthesizers, harmony vocals and other weapons from 60s acid rock and 90s britpop arsenal they’ve gained certain experience while immigrating from Saint-Petersburg, Russia to Istanbul, Turkey two years ago for political reasons after Russian invasion to Ukraine.
This set of 9 songs was recorded at the same sessions spread over a 4 years period with “Would You Believe” EP, self-released by the band in November 2023 to critical acclaim. I Don’t Here a Single blog mentions that “the arrangements <…> reveal a band that knows what they are about musically, but also have a great record collection”, while Alexey Beshkarev of yandex.dzen adds that EP “evokes associations with the unforgettable Kinks: the same combination of sarcasm and optimism, rock songs with baroque arrangements”.
Biography :
Fuzziliers band leader Slava Lobanov (songwriter, lead-vocal, guitar, bass, trombone, synths) is well-known in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and Istanbul, Turkey, as a jazz, swing and dixieland musician, a member and producer of the duo PEREUCHYOT (ПЕРЕУЧЕТ) with infamous Russian rapper Oxxxymiron, and a member of prominent progressive-stoner-doom band Juice Oh Yeah.
In late 2019 Slava started recording his brit-rock oriented songs aiming to do a solo album. Due to the covid restrictions the recording process longed for several years during which the live band occurred including fellow jazz musicians Semyon Fedotov (drums, percussion, harmony vocals), Misha Paskov (bass) and Georgy Kopylov (keys, vocals, songwriting) of local Irish-folk-punk band Red Box.
After the beginning of Russian invasion in Ukraine in March 2022 Slava and Georgy relocated to Istanbul, Turkey due to political reasons and later were joined by Misha. The band went into a temporary hiatus for almost a year. However, towards the end of 2022 we’ve decided that the dark times need bright rock music as well, and continued the journey with Simon Shiriaev (of Lollypop Lorry) on drums and harmony vocals.
In november 2023 the band released their debut four song EP “Would You Believe” which gained positive reviews and attracted attention on the local Istanbul scene. The debut album “Sail the Seven Seas” is scheduled for the long-awaited release on 12th of June 2024.
7 juni 2024
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