Skeptical Mind’s new album will be released on 8th December 2023

 A first single called “DESERT” will be delivered on 1st December 2023


Skeptical Minds is a unique mix between three main influences :
Melodic female voice, electro and guitar riffs.

Why unique?

Because you can clearly hear some influences but Skeptical Minds
has its specific sound and style !

Skeptical Minds’ music can inspire fans from bands like
Evanescence, Rammstein, Rob Zombie, Massive Attack, Bjork and even Motorhead!

With nearly 300 gigs  and festivals, Skeptical Minds has quickly established
itself as a reference on the belgian female fronted scene.

Lead by the polish singer Karolina, Skeptical Minds
is a powerful combo on stage that loves to mix sounds
and combines instruments in an unexpected way.

Over the years, their varied music seduced a growing audience.

                                                  Karolina Pacan               Vocals
                                                  Adrien Josson                  Bass
                                                  Benjamin Lazzano            Drums
                                                  Michel Stiakakis              Guitars, Electro
17 november 2023
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