Following the release of his third studio album, “Trinity”, on October 13, 2023, Ronnie Atkins has shared the lyric video of the new single “Soul Divine”.

Watch the lyric video for “Soul Divine” here.

Buy/Stream “Trinity” here.

“I think the album might have turned out a bit heavier than the previous ones, since most of the songs were written on guitar this time around, but above all it’s still very melodic,” says Atkins about the upcoming record. “Lyrically it’s pretty much about what’s going on in the world today and that’s what inspires me. A lot of the songs are pretty personal too and I’m trying to squeeze in a bit of optimism into it as well.”

“To me a good song is a good hook/topline and that’s pretty much what paves the way for the end result,” concludes Ronnie Atkins, explaining “it’s a damn good solid melodic hard rock album. I’m very happy about the final result. I hope the fans will embrace the new album and that I’ll be able to take these songs on the road throughout 2024. That’s my plan!”

7 november 2023
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