The international psychedelic band Heath (NL/SWE/AUS) from The Hague has signed a deal with the Dutch record label Suburban Records. The first achievement is the debut album ‘Isaak’s Marble’, which will be released on vinyl, CD and digitally on Friday, May 10. The album presentation/release party will take place on Friday, May 10 in Paard The Hague (this show is now almost sold out). The 10-minute debut single of the same name and accompanying video ‘Isaak’s Marble’ are now online.

Listen to single ‘Isaak’s Marble’:

Pre-Order album via Suburban Records:


There are few new bands that have had such a spectacular start such as the international band Heath: record label Suburban Records, booking agency Radar Agency and Momentum Agency (management of DeWolff, among others) were in line to welcome Heath to their rosters. And that wasn’t all, because Roadburn director Walter Hoeijmakers had also had the international quintet in his sights for a while and was very keen to offer Heath a place at his festival, on Saturday April 20 at 8:10 PM in Hall Of Fame. Walter Hoeijmakers“One of the most exciting discoveries for Roadburn 2024 is Heath from The Hague. The moment we heard the debut album ‘Isaak’s Marble’ via a secret link, we immediately booked this young, exciting band who is still is quite unknown. In fact, we are firmly convinced that Heath will convince everyone at the festival. Because like no other contemporary Dutch band, Heath knows how to combine psych, prog and steamy blues rock with a hefty dose of youthful energy. No, it is certainly not a retro act but a band with influences from, among others, the Allman Brothers and Red Devils into the 21st century. That makes Heath relevant and exciting. Heath; my new favorite band.”


Suburban Records CEO Ronald Draijer: “I recently spoke to a very enthusiastic Walter on the phone. He was going to sned me a listening link to the debut album of a new exciting band called Heath. He instructed me to IMMEDIATELY get rid of everything I was doing, immediately listen to the album and then call him back immediately to let him know what I thought. Everyone knows: when Walter says something, you listen. Fortunately, after the first listen of ‘Isaak’s Marble’, I got fully blown away: this really is a great album! A short time later the band came to our office for an informal meeting, mainly to see if we clicked and if we had a match. That turned out to be the case. Heath is now part of the Suburban Records family, which also includes Bad NervesTuskyThe Sore LosersPeter Pan SpeedrockScumbag Millionaire, and Skroetbalg.”

The band – hugely influenced by sixties and seventies psychedelic bands such as The Grateful DeadShocking Blue and The Doors – itself is amazed at what happens in a short time. Frontman Mees: “Absolutely crazy! We are completely overwhelmed and siked. We are extremely grateful for the trust that Suburban Records places in us, and proud that we are now with that beautiful record label, which clearly oozes love for music.” As for the show at Roadburn: “Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that we would be playing Roadburn before the release of our debut album. What an absolute honor!” Guitarist Jordy nods in agreement: “There is no doubt that this will be an incredible experience and we can’t wait to lead the listener to the undiscovered corners of their minds. What a start! It feels like a real rocket launch!”


Drummer Dars: “Isaak’s Marble is the first song and therefore also the title track of our debut album. It opens the door to Heath’s world, where everything seems to be possible. The Marble is a limitless universe that we use as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Because this place has no boundaries, we try to write our music with as few limitations as possible. The only boundaries The Marble knows are our imagination and creativity. The world is taking shape the more we write music and it is impossible to predict what we will discover now that the journey into this wonderful world has begun. We actually only tell one version of the story and it is up to the listener to unleash their own imagination.”


Mees Vullings – vocals and harp
Jordy Bouter – guitar
Isak Heidenfors (SWE)- guitar and vocals
Steve Lolicato (AUS) – bass
Dars Hellemond – drums


A psychedelic storm rages over The Netherlands, and its name is Heath. Their upcoming debut album “Isaak’s Marble” marks the beginning of a long story and opens the door to the world of Heath, where anything is possible. Odd time signatures, blazing harmonica, and driving guitars accompanied by narrative vocals create an enchanting journey. Heath is known for their energetic live shows, which together with carefully drawn out eclectic songs seamlessly blend into an atmosphere that is both hypnotic and liberating.

After the release of their first single in early 2023, 3voor12 Den Haag referred to the quintet as “a promise from The Hague”, and this promise was fulfilled later in the year when they received the Music Support Award from the Haagse Popweek. Music magazine OOR also called Heath “the flag-bearers of a rapidly growing psychedelic rock scene in the Netherlands”. Heath’s latest single ‘Atalantis’ won Song of the Year 2023 by 3voor12 Leiden. In 2024, Heath has already performed at the Pinguin Showcases during ESNS and has also been selected for the Grote Prijs van Nederland (Grand Prize of the Netherlands).


“We can’t get any closer to Woodstock ’69; this music remains excellent until the heat death of the solar system.”– 3voor12 Leiden

SHOWS 2024
17/4 Schouwburg – Venray
20/4 Roadburn Festival – Tilburg
27/4 Kroonkurk Festival – Rotterdam
10/5 Paard – Den Haag (release show)
16/5 La Mécanique Ondulatoire – Paris (FR)
17/5 La Griffe – Lille (FR)
19/5 Gigant – Apeldoorn
23/5 AFAS live, Talent stage – Amsterdam
24/5 Sniester Festival, Den Haag
25/5 Free Music High Fidelity – Gouda (recordstore, instore optreden)
6/6 Victorie, Alkmaar
19/6 GirlPower Radio live from Popradar – Den Haag

29 maart 2024
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