BoyWithUke celebrated the release by making his late night television debut with a show-stopping and stunning performance of the single “Migraine” on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! last night. He lit up the stage during the show’s first week back on the air.


Now, Lucid Dreams unfolds with the scope of an epic and the intimacy of a diary. Stitching together alternative, pop, and electronic elements, it traces BoyWithUke’s journey thus far, holding nothing back in terms of intention, emotionality, and truth. Paving the way for its arrival, “Migraine” initially pulled listeners into the embrace of Lucid Dreams. It arrives on the heels of BoyWithUke’s most honest and vulnerable song to date titled “Trauma”—listen HERE and watch the music video HERE. Beyond nearly 8 million Spotify streams and 5 million YouTube views on the music video, he returned to Genius to discuss the tune in-depth. BoyWithUke explained the inspiration and meaning behind the track in his most personal interview to date—watch HERE.

Last week, BoyWithUke revealed the third episode of his “Origins” story titled “Wide Awake”—watch HERE. The video follows the first two episodes, “Tobi” and “Lucid,” and finds the younger BoyWithUke being saved from bullies by an older version of himself.

Lucid Dreams encapsulates in BoyWithUke’s words: “my desires, my fears, my past, and my dreams.” He continues, “Like The Odyssey, Lucid Dreams is the culmination of my personal journey so far. Each song is like a different step on the path. I’m facing past traumas, making the music I want to make, and figuring out who I am. The album is BoyWithUke blossoming, spreading his wings, and finding himself.” In creating the album, he wrote, recorded, and produced a majority of the new songs without any collaborators in just a three-week period.

This week, BoyWithUke completed his biggest North American headline tour yet. Prior to the North American leg, he sold out shows across Asia, Australia, and Europe. For more tour news and info visit

Lucid Dreams follows BoyWithUke’s previous releases—“Out Of Reach” single and Antisocial EP, which have amassed millions of streams to date. On Genius, his “Toxic” Open Mic performance still remains the #1 most viewed video on Genius of all time with over 110 million views and counting—watch HERE.

BoyWithUke continues racing towards a major mainstream breakthrough. His following has grown beyond 7 million on TikTok, 3 million on YouTube, and nearly 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify. His 2022 full-length debut album Serotonin Dreams only fueled this explosion. Additionally, his 2021 Platinum-Certified smash hit “Toxic” has amassed over 1.5 billion global streams to date and peaked at #1 on the Alternative Radio Chart for two consecutive weeks. Not to mention, it was #7 on Google’s Top Trending Songs of 2022 (US).


6 oktober 2023
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