Pet Shop Boys brengen op 26 april hun nieuwe album ‘Nonetheless’ uit. De eerste single van het album ‘Loneliness’, is al verschenen.

Het duo over het creatieve proces rond het album: “We wanted this album to be a celebration of the unique and diverse emotions that make us human. From the more dance-orientated tracks to the raw poignancy of the introspective ballads, with their beautiful string arrangements, each track tells a story and contributes to the overall narrative of the album.”

“We’re very excited to release this new album. Its 10 tracks are the strongest indicators of where we are today. Like much of our music it’s very reflective. It was great to work with James Ford, who we think has brought new elements to our music. Our demos are sometimes quite complicated, and James has dared to make us a bit more minimal at times – but also, the string arrangements are very beautiful. Some of the record is quite heart-breaking, but we hope a lot of it is also uplifting. It’s a record we’re very proud of.”

De aankondiging van het album viel tegelijkertijd met de exclusieve bioscoopvertoning van ‘Pet Shop Boys Dreamworld: The Greatest Hits Live at the Royal Arena Copenhagen’. De speciale vertoning van het concert vond plaats op 31 januari.

1 februari 2024
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