De Britse singer-songwriter Oscar Lang heeft zijn nieuwste single ‘Everything Unspoken’ uitgebracht. Het is de derde track die verschijnt in aanloop naar Lang’s debuutplaat Look Now (uit op 21 juli via Dirty Hit).


‘Everything Unspoken’ is een dromerig nummer met hier en daar psych-pop elementen. Ook is er een video voor de track verschenen die hier op YouTube te bekijken is.

Over de nieuwe single zegt Oscar:
This stems out of the social anxiety thing I have. I’m very shy and not very forward and good at talking to people, and it spawned out of me going through that breakup and then being out in the world and being single again. It’s about when you wish you had the confidence ‘I really like you, we should do this’, when you can sense it, but you just never do. It’s inspired by Here We Go Magic – I really wanted to write a song like them for ages. There was a deliberate and conscious step on this album to have my vocals be swamped more in effects because when I make tracks at home, I always want my vocals in loads of effects. I love the vocals on this track.”


7 juni 2023
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