Gentlemen Recordings / BIND Music are proud to announce the return of Indian Red Lopez with an exciting new single on May 3rd. The five piece from East Scotland release the first single from their new album, that will be released later this year.


Endurance, isolation, healing, hope and family. Five friends, 10 years on; the world turns at a very different pace for IndianRedLopez. In the last decade the five band members have only found themselves together at infrequent intersections of the twists and turns of their various lives, however they have made the most of these opportunities to continue to create and record music together. Obstacles is the first glimpse into the loves, losses and lived experiences of the band over the last decade since their 2013 sophomore release Commit. Formed in the North East of Scotland as school friends the band morphed and re-configured to the current line up ahead of debut album ‘Empty Your Lungs and Breathe’ in 2010. The intervening period since their last release has seen band members scratch their live performance itch with like minded acts such as CS Buchan, Rival Saints and Rescue Party, whilst never fully satisfying the desire to continue to create music together. The band’s sound fits somewhere between alternative rock, anthemic pop and experimental electronic music without finding a natural home in any specific genre. The band have continued to expand their sonic palette whilst refining their approach to collective songwriting on this new release. Their sound is instantly recognisable with the distinctive vocals of Mike Chang casually and cleverly picking it’s way through a maze of hooky guitars and stylish synths.


3 mei 2024
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