Today is the release of Tobias Bader’s new single ‘Video Town Featuring Nomden’.
‘Video Town’ is an energetic pop song built on a catchy riff and a whipping rhythm. It was inspired by the sound of sixties and seventies ‘beat’ bands like Stones, Small Faces, Shocking Blue, Golden Earrings. The chorus has a melodic hook and vocal harmonies, Nomden sings a second lead vocal throughout the song. Baders and Nomdens vocals are a perfect match.
Tobias Bader, who comes from Berlin and lives in Amsterdam, makes accessible vintage pop music in which clear sixties and seventies influences can be heard. He switches effortlessly between different styles of pop music, ranging from acoustic, folk and country to soul and disco, rock and punk. His characteristic voice and guitar playing ensure that the melodic songs always have a recognizable sound of their own. Tobias collaborates with various musicians including the Grammy Award winning pianist Brad Mehldau, Robin Berlin (a.o. Fatal Flowers and Kane) and Diederik Nomden (a.o. Analogues). The poetic and visual texts are written by Dick Sinnige with whom Tobias wrote his extensive repertoire.
I hope this song will brighten up your day!
2 september 2023
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