Award-winning artist Natalie Jean has once again captivated audiences with the release of her latest country rock single “The What For”. Co-written by Natalie Jean and award-winning artist Nicki Kris, the song showcases the duo’s talent for crafting authentic music that resonates with listeners.


“The What For” produced by Alexi Von Guggenberg and Natalie Jean, is a powerful and relatable track that explores themes of freedom and having a good time. With its infectious chorus the song is sure to have everyone tapping their feet and grooving to the beat.

Natalie Jean’s unique sound and ability to connect with her audience shine through in “The What For”, making it a must-listen for fans of country rock music. The collaboration between Natalie Jean and Nicki Kris has resulted in a truly special and memorable track that is sure to solidify their status as respected artists in the industry.

Rick Rubin author of The Creative Act: A Way of Being says “Epiphanies are hidden in the most ordinary of moments: the casting of a shadow, the smell of a match igniting, an unusual phrase overheard or misheard. A dedication to the practice of showing up on a regular basis is the main requirement.”

When asked what the motivation was for this collaboration, Natalie said: “We were at a mutual friend’s party, and someone mentioned “The What For” and we didn’t know what that was. After some thought, we got a clue and thought it would be a great song”.

“The What For” is now available on all major streaming platforms. Don’t miss out on this incredible new release from Natalie Jean and Nicki Kris.


15 mei 2024
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