Steel Panther heeft zojuist zijn gloednieuwe (6e) studio-album ‘On The Prowl’ aangekondigd dat op vrijdag 24 februari 2023 zal verschijnen als opvolger van ‘Heavy Metal Rules‘ uit 2019. Vandaag dropt de sympathieke en immer goedgeluimde L.A. glam-hardrockband ook meteen zijn 1e single-video ‘Never Too Late’. Klik hier voor de music, merch of pre-order.

Daarnaast lanceren frontman Michael Starr, gitarist Satchel, drummer Stix Zadinia en de nieuwe bassist Joe “Spyder” Lester (de vervanger van Lexxi Foxx die de band vorig jaar verliet) ook meteen hun nieuwe distortion pedal ‘The 1987 Pedal’.

Het nieuwe studio-album ‘On the Prowl’

From the opening synth intro of “Never Too Late” to the thunderous outro of “Sleeping On The Rollaway,” Steel Panther is back with the infectious riffs, pounding drums, unforgettable vocals alongside the witty humor that has earned them a global audience. Songs like “On Your Instagram” and “One Pump Chump” are sure to fit in on the biggest live stages next to the band’s most-memorable songs. “1987” is an incredible retro look at that unforgettable year and the band even slows things down on the reflective “Ain’t Dead Yet.” The first single from On The Prowl is the memorable “Never Too Late.”

“The song and video are an absolute public service announcement. People have been asking Steel Panther for advice on life, love and the pursuit of happiness for decades. ‘Never Too Late’ is a reminder to never give up, follow your heart, realize your dreams, overcome your challenges, navigate the rough seas, reach for stars and any other cliché you have in your pocket. Basically, what we are saying is it is never too late to get some p. tonight,” explains Stix Zadinia.

‘On The Prowl‘ will be released digitally and on CD, Cassette, and 2 different color variant records. Purple/Blue Marble is wide and Pink/Purple Marble will be a limited edition signed. All versions will be the entire 13 song album.

De nieuwe bassist Spyder

The story of Spyder and Steel Panther is like one pulled from any great American love story. If you have seen The Notebook or Jaws, then you know exactly what we mean. Spyder and the guys have known each other for decades. But it was in 2018 that Spyder did his first live show with the band. Little did they know that those shows would be a foreshadowing of what destiny had in store for their collective futures. In 2021, the band found themselves in a pickle, they needed a bass player.

An exhaustive search brought many submissions and fans were treated to a variety of bassists on different tours. The band had even considered a few well-known bassists to fill the void. Throughout the five-week European tour in summer of 2022, it became quite evident to all four guys that this lineup was unstoppable. A few more months of touring together perfected the new lineup and now anyone that has seen the band recently knows that Spyder is the perfect addition for Steel Panther. In other words, Spyder is the chocolate to Steel Panther’s peanut butter.

“We wanted it to be you. We wanted it to be you so badly. So, it’s not gonna be easy. It’s gonna be really hard. We’re gonna have to work at this every day, but we want to do that because we want you. We want all of you, forever, you and us, every day. To us, you are perfect. You had us at hello. You complete us. We’re gonna need a bigger boat,” explains Steel Panther.

The 1987 pedal

The sound of 1987 perfectly packaged and delivered by your trusted stompbox connoisseurs, Steel Panther. This tag-team of Distortion and Delay is like a three-way with You, Ginger Lynn, and Christy Canyon. Just yourself, the talent in your extremities, and two of the baddest bitches on the planet. Just like most of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, this has Satchel’s flavor all over it. With the grit of 100 chainsaws and the ability to repeat itself more than that super stoned dude from Chemistry Class, it is truly the ultimate badass accessory…next to eyeliner.

Steel Panther
  • Michael Starr – lead vocals
  • Satchel Parrish – guitars, backing vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Spyder – bass, backing vocals
  • Stix Zadinia – drums, keyboards, piano, backing vocals

Steel Panther zal niet heel snel de Nobelprijs voor de Literatuur winnen, noch uitgenodigd worden op de kerstborrel van feministisch maandblad Opzij. Dat de band in barre woke-tijden van #metoo toch weg komt met zoveel ogenschijnlijke vrouwonvriendelijke lompheid , komt omdat de meeste vrouwen de Dikke Knipoog (en de zelfspot) van de band heel goed snappen. Niet voor niets staan de fans (“Fanthers”) massaal in de rij om tijdens een show topless op het podium te komen dansen op Mötley Crüe-fähige meezing rocksongs slash publieksfavorieten als ’17 Girls In A Row’.

For the uninitiated, Steel Panther was formed in 2000. Hailing from Los Angeles, the epicenter for rock n’ roll in all its debauchery and glamour, Steel Panther has established themselves as the world’s premier party band, melding hard rock virtuosity with parody and criminally good looks. Steel Panther is a global phenomenon with four full-length albums, touring across the world, platinum-level You Tube status and high-profile television appearances such as Jimmy Kimmel Live, Larry King Now, and FOX NFL Sunday.

Rolling Stone avowed: “There’s a reason Steel Panther have transcended their origins as a cover band playing the Sunset Strip,” while Metal Sucks declared: Steel Panther’s concept is genius…their songwriting is…preposterously snappy – and relatable.”

8 oktober 2022
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