he idea for this song came about when we were writing a song inspired by the good time grooves of artists like Sly and the Family Stone and Earth, Wind, and Fire. We came up with the melodies and arrangement first before deciding on a theme for the lyrics. We wanted the words to reflect the positive vibes of the music. Someone brought up those kinds of seemingly magical nights that everyone has had where you’re out with friends and it seems like a regular night but then everything clicks, the atmosphere is perfect, everybody lets down their guard, and the night rolls on and on. The words are inspired by those kinds of seemingly magical nights – where the stars align. We wanted to come up with a title that sounded a bit like a song that people could dance to on special nights, just like the one we are describing. A title that’s a bit disco and a bit trippy-groovy. That’s when we came up with “Blame It On The Milky Way”.

14 januari 2024
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