You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the girl. That’s what they say. Well, Marina Rocks is the perfect example of just such an idea. She may wander the world delivering her songs to audiences of all creeds and cultures, but as she does so, there is no small echo of her home state to be heard in her music, not to mention a deep love for it carried around in her heart. There is a good reason why her forthcoming EP is called Texcentric.

But before that happens, you hold in your (virtual or otherwise) hands everything you need to know about this H-Town music maker and her Lone Star state of mind.

Dummin’ Down is a closer look at the state of the nation, and indeed the state of the state she calls home, the darker flip side of a love letter to the place of her birth. A love letter, yes, but an honest one. And if you are going to declare yourself a true Texan troubadour, then why not do so by covering their most (in)famous, underground, outsider-country player, Townes Van Zandt, and a love song in the more traditional sense, If I Needed You.

Now is the perfect time to get better acquainted with the Marina Rocks’ back catalogue before Texcentric hits the public and she moves from the “Texas’ best kept secret” category to the one marked “Soon-to-be-National Treasure.”


6 mei 2023
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