Norwegian art-rock act GIANTSKY expands their universe, delivering a highly ambitious sophomore double album. Draped in a fusion of electronic-, ambient-, and grungy elements, this folktronic / post-rock album honors both the album format and its ambassadors. Praised by critics and listeners worldwide, their debut album received a warm welcome, and its vinyl edition sold out in just a few hours.

Curiously pitched as a union between Mogwai and Nick Drake – making the new Blade Runner soundtrack with Tame Impala – the bar of reference is set high. True to the “Soup sound”, GIANTSKY has created an album that is both dynamic and melancholic. Influenced by acts such as Sufjan Stevens, The Postal Service, Sigur Rós, GY!BE, Edvard Grieg and Linda Perhacs,

From Erlend Viken, the songwriter of post rock underground ghosts SOUP comes the second album of GIANTSKY. Collaborating with musicians from Trondheim Symphonic Orchestra, Combos, WZRD, Motorpsycho, Hanne Mjøen and more, the table is set for an exciting crossover.

1 december 2023
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