MORA” is Miriam Fornari’s debut album, an ambitious suite between jazz, prog rock and experimentation that investigates our intimate and profound relationship with dreams.


A work that is positioned in that delicate moment between sleep and wakefulness and that focuses on the special relationship between real life and dream life, on how experiences lived in dreams are no less meaningful than experiences lived in wakefulness. In different ways, each song plays between the concreteness of sensations and the fleetingness of our desires in a hypnotic journey in search of our true nature. Mora is Miriam’s birthplace, a small village nestled in the green Umbrian hills that ideally becomes the bucolic stage on which to stage the most instinctive dreams.


In the album, Miriam’s jazz imprinting is well present but never defined, an experimental approach to the subject matter: choirs, synthesisers and drum machines alternate with the acoustic timbre of the piano and the electric sound of the guitar, creating a musical framework rich in nuances. A delicate balance of voids and solids, of silences and intense crescendos, with which they oscillate from minimal and idyllic acoustic passages to denser peaks between noise abstractionism and prog rock. On these heterogeneous arrangements Miriam’s voice stands out, powerful and elegant, academically trained but with a free approach, as elusive as the dreams she chases.

The record, of which a limited CD edition will be printed, is released by the italian independent label Onyx Dischi (distribution: Believe Italia), the recording division of the historic Onyx Jazz Club association, organiser of the Gezziamoci festival, which over the years has worked with artists like Paolo Fresu, Steve Lacy and Bill Frisell.

17 oktober 2023
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