Massive Scar Era, the brainchild of visionary artist Cherine Amr, is proud to announce the upcoming release of their highly anticipated seventh release, an EP, “Metal Goes Egyptian”, which is coming out in November. Known for pushing the boundaries of music and blending genres, Massive Scar Era is set to captivate audiences once again with its unique fusion of progressive rock, post-grunge, Egyptian music, and metal. The second single is “Between Waves”, which Amr comments on:

“Between the Waves was the first song that we worked on. It’s one of the oldest songs for MSE that wasn’t released digitally. In this song’s intro, a heavy riff is playing in the background, consisting of just two notes. Weka was free to incorporate the Hijaz scale without constraints, and he used maqam kord as a secondary “gens,” a modern approach to this maqam. That’s how the song began. As the song progresses, it transitions into a new section with modulation on the G note, leading into maqam Rust. Finally, the ending of the intro (“Taslim” in Arabic) concludes with a return to the Hijaz scale, creating a glamorous ending. I wrote this song when I was very young. It was even before I moved to Cairo in 2009. I was still in the process of discovering myself as a person before a lyricist and a songwriter. While I don’t resonate with the lyrics anymore, singing this song again reminded me of an entire lifetime.”

Originating from Alexandria, Egypt, and currently based in Montreal, Canada, Cherine Amr has led Massive Scar Era on an incredible journey since its inception in 2004. The project’s music reflects the cosmopolitan allure of Alexandria intertwined with the raw essence of Cairo’s urban landscape. This distinctive sound and cultural blend have garnered widespread recognition, including appearances in influential documentaries such as “Microphone” (2012) and “Before the Spring After the Fall” (2013).

“Metal Goes Egyptian” represents a unique concept that will particularly appeal to metal enthusiasts who appreciate a diverse range of folkloric influences. With its fusion of metal and various folk elements, this EP promises an unforgettable musical journey that transcends genre boundaries. It is recommended for fans of Merkfolk, Aeternam and Huntress.

“Metal Goes Egyptian” is due out on November 3, 2023.

28 september 2023
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