Women-led, talented Brazilian Rock band MALVADA is releasing its new single and video, “Veneno,” today via Frontiers Music.

The first song written with the band’s new line-up and the first to be released on Frontiers, “Veneno” is a piece about duality and women’s psychology, as stated by singer Indira Castillo: “These lyrics describe a lot about what it is to be a woman, about our dualities, about what it is to be poison and at the same time our own antidote. I hope that people communicate and identify with this duality that exists in human being.”

“Veneno, for me, is the light and shadow that exists in human beings, which is very present in female psychology. It is precisely about the importance of duality” – adds bassist Rafaela Reoli.

Musically, “Veneno it’s the juice of national pop rock” – according to drummer Juliana Salgado. “We took a little bit of everything we like to hear in Brazilian rock music, put it together and it turned out in something really… Malvada.”

Guitarist Bruna Tsuruda also recalls how Veneno “was the first song we made together with the new formation, and that’s why it’s so special: it was the first sign of the new era. We flowed very easily and Veneno was the proof that the new formation would flow easily.

MALVADA was initially formed in March 2020, during the beginning of the pandemic. With a rock n’ roll style full of personality, the band quickly attracted attention as one of the most promising acts in the Brazilian rock scene.

In January 2021, MALVADA released their first single entitled “Mais Um Gole”, which gained greater prominence in the scene. Shortly afterwards, in May of the same year, it was time to release the second single “Cada Escolha uma Renúncia”, which preceded the launch of the band’s debut album, “A Noite Vai Ferver”.

In the years 2022 and 2023, MALVADA solidified its presence on the national rock panorama, performing more than a hundred shows in several cities in Brazil. The band had the privilege of participating in huge festivals, such as Rock in Rio, Best of Blues and Rock, Angra Fest and Chama Rock, sharing the stage with renowned national and international rock names, like Pitty, Ira!, Angra, Viper, Edu Falaschi, Matanza, Golpe de Estado, Extreme and Tom Morello.

In November 2023, MALVADA, composed of Indira Castillo, Bruna Tsuruda, Rafaela Reoli and Juliana Salgado surprised with a big announcement: the band has become the newest signee of the prestigious Italian label Frontiers Records, which has renowned bands in its catalog such as Mr. Big, Asia, Whitesnake, Jeff Scott Soto, among others, promising to take them to a new level, with opportunities to expand their reach and conquer the global market.

The band is eager to share this new chapter of their musical journey with their fans and hopes that the new album reaches bigger horizons and opens doors to international success. The band’s vibrant passion and support from Frontiers Records promise a bright future for MALVADA on the music scene.


26 april 2024
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