Rise of the Wood is a Rock/Metal band from South Holland. The five band members each bring their own musical backgrounds into songs like Sleep, Eyes Wide Shut, Beggars and About the Rain. This makes Rise of the Wood a diverse, groovy, melodic, and hard-hitting Rock/Metal machine!

After their formation in 2014, they released a promo, followed by the album First Seed in 2017, which received excellent reviews in both national and international press. They have since graced many stages, with highlights including performances at DijkRock, WaterPop, and WesterPop festivals.

After a brief hiatus and a change in the lead vocalist position, ‘Sleep’ is the first EP with three brand-new songs and an epic video! Rise of the Wood is now ready for the future! They are also gearing up to rock the stage once again and are actively working on a new album.But first, meet the new single/video “Sleep”.

It’s time to Rise!!!

16 oktober 2023
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