Lambov’s Ensemble de Solitude – Solo Works Vol. 1
“An introspective research”

Lambov’s Ensemble de Solitude, the solo venture of guitarist and composer
Stanimir Lambov, functions as an exploration of his relationship with the
guitar in various contexts. His artistic range expands from composing
acoustic chamber music to crafting solo jazz arrangements to improvising
ambient pieces with prepared guitar and electronics. The idea behind the
name of the project is inspired by a quote from guitar virtuoso Andres
Segovia, who claims that the guitar could sound like a whole orchestra, a
principle that Stanimir has adopted in his approach to the instrument.
In his upcoming EP, “Solo Works: Vol.1”, the guitarist revisits the roots of
his musical journey, by focusing solely on the delicate world of his first love
– the nylon-string acoustic guitar. Here is what Lambov has to say about this
record himself:
“I began with studying classical guitar, and even though I never considered
myself an accomplished classical guitarist, I always felt curiosity about
playing it and gradually this setting became a home for me. The contrapuntal quality of the music written for
this instrument has always fascinated and inspired me. I am happy to be sharing this other side of my
musicianship, which has stayed very private until now.

Part of the music was inspired by some of my favorite classical guitar composers – Heitor Villa-Lobos,
Augustin Barrios Mangore, and Leo Brower. The rest were pieces that I wrote long ago as etudes for myself
or compositional assignments from my teachers.
I also see this album as a sort of homage to my teachers, who are a really important part of my life and
thanks to whom I am who I am. Especially my first guitar teacher – Velin Petrov, who opened the world to
classical guitar music to me, and Dimitar Rusev, thanks to whom I discovered jazz music and improvisation.
Both of them I met in my hometown and they have a huge role in my development as a musician and

It is important to mention that this music also had another purpose. It is the first collaboration with my sister.
She is a journalist and made a short documentary about the Kremona guitar factory in Bulgaria. The guitar I
used to record the album is a Kremona and I am really happy with it and play it almost every single day. That
is why I was glad to jump on the opportunity.

In the end, I would simply like to express my deepest gratitude to: my family and friends, and to all of my
guitar teachers (in order of appearance in my life: Velin Petrov, Dimitar Rusev, Cvetan Nedyalkov, Winfred
Buma, Frank Wingold) to Jorrit Westerhof for being amazing and very helpful in the creation of this
recording, mixing, mastering, production and making my guitar sound better than I could have ever
imagined, to Mojca Zupančič for creating the visual world around the project, to John Weijers and ZenneZ
records for supporting its release and last but definitely not least – to you, for taking the time to listen to it
and hopefully enjoy! If I have managed to transport you somewhere, please keep that place in mind and
show it to me next time we meet! “

The EP will be available digitally on January 19th, 2024, and it will be the guitarist’s second release for
ZenneZ records (following “Too Much Light For My Eyes” with his trio “Lamp Of(f)”). The first single
Медитация (Meditation)” releases on December 15th with a celebration concert in Rotterdam.
19 december 2023
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