Los Angeles duo KRASHKARMA’s new album “Falling To Pieces” is now available from Rockshots Records as of June 23rd. For the new full-length, the duo wrote and recorded at Karma Kollective Studios in North Hollywood, California along with Ralf Dietel taking on producing, mixing, and mastering plus artwork duties. They are a self-producing duo that can be considered a jack of all trades when it comes to everything from creating to presenting their music.

Featuring 12 tracks, “Falling To Pieces” is a story that will take fans on a journey from start to finish. From the thunderous drum intro and heart-wrenching scream pouring out of Niki Skistimas’ whole being, it sets the stage for what’s to come. From there, the album takes you on a wild ride, with ups and downs that will keep listeners’ ears excited to hear what’s next. KRASHKARMA has put a lot of effort into crafting a narrative that’s both compelling and epic, with each song building on the last to create a cohesive whole. Along the way, listeners will encounter soaring melodies, crushing riffs, and blistering solos over hammering grooves interplaying with the vocal harmonies between Niki and Ralf that KRASHKARMA is known for.

“With our latest album, we wanted to showcase what two people can accomplish when they’re fully committed to their craft. We pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in heavy metal, incorporating elements of punk, rock, and even classical music. We wanted to prove to the world that you don’t need a huge band to create an unforgettable sound, and we’re incredibly proud of the result. Our new album is a testament to our passion and creativity, and we hope that it inspires others to take risks and push the limits of what’s possible in music.” adds drummer/vocalist Niki Skistimas.

To celebrate the release day of “Falling To Pieces”, the duo is sharing their latest music video for the track “15 Minutes of Pain”.

“One of my favorite riffs on the album, which showcases how we arrange songs with my guitar/bass instrument. The title is a play on the words of Andy Warhol’s quote “15 Minutes Of Fame,” which means everyone has 15 minutes of success in life. In our case, it’s 15 minutes of excruciating pain. However, the song itself is only 4 minutes long and fantastic!” says Ralf Dietel ( Guitar/Bass/Vocals).

Watch and listen to “15 Minutes of Pain” – https://youtu.be/W_jzKeXpxas

KRASHKARMA’s “Falling To Pieces” is recommended for fans of Lacuna Coil, In Flames, and Stone Sour.​


24 juni 2023
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