Bands Kobi Reese has opened for:

Steven Adler Band, Kings X, STP, Rahway, Tokyo Motor Fist, Winger, Dokken, Firehouse

Bands Kobi Reese has performed with:

The Ace Frehley Band, The Bret Michaels Band, Rubix Kube, Ted Poley, Rahway, The Nerds, B Street Band, Corey Glover of Living Colour, Ari Kamins of The Steven Adler Band, Carmine and Vinnie Appice – Drum Wars, Many More…..


Kobi Reese

Song writer, vocalist and drummer

I am a 13 year old music sensation on the rise! I was born and raised in New Jersey and have been on the music scene for many years performing throughout the country.   I front my own band, KOBI REESE, and I also perform with many other national and local bands on vocals and drums.

I have recently released three songs.

“Best of Me” is a power rock ballad that was written to represent the challenge that musicians face when trying to get noticed in the music industry.  They give all they have and then just hope that someone will recognize their talent. “Best Of Me” was produced by Steve Brown from Trixter.

“Sometimes When” is a classic rock song that showcases Kobi’s captivating melodic vocals along with his passionate, powerful drumming. “Sometimes When” was also produced by Steve Brown from Trixter.

“The Shake” is a melodic rock song written to get the crowd on their feet and moving.  It’s catchy melody is memorable and enjoyable.

All of my songs are written with a combination of  a little bit of 80’s, 90’s and today’s rock in mind.

I have several songs released that have played on the radio on WRAT, Spectrum Radio in the UK and a few other stations as well but I am looking to expand my exposure to many more radio stations. I also have many new songs that I have scheduled for release over the next few months along with my first album release.
I have attached these three releases and would love to have them broadcasted on your radio station.

All of my original music can be found on most digital streaming platforms.

Thank You,
Kobi Reese

Upcoming Shows

August 4 – Sussex County State Fair – New Jersey
August 9 – Tally Ho – Leesburg Virginia
August 10 – The Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall – 133 South Tennessee Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ
August 15 – Matawan Summer Family Night Under the Stars
October 5 – Dingbatz 620 Van Houten Avenue in Clifton, NJ
December – THAT METAL SHOW with Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine – Dingbatz – 620 Van Houten Avenue in Clifton, NJ

27 juni 2024
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