Darling West gaat een Kerstalbum digitaal uitgegeven. Vandaag komt de single “Lights” uit. Het album bestaat voor een gedeelte uit Noorse en Engelstalige nummers.

After having worked on a number of Christmas classics for our TV special, trying to write a
Christmas song ourselves felt like a daunting task. But once we got started, we really enjoyed
the process, and we’re excited about having made our small contribution to such a time-
honored tradition. So happy we got Kristoffer Lo to arrange and play the beautiful horns and
Torjus Vierli to lay down a wonderful piano track.

«Lights» is maybe not the most obvious Christmas song you’ll ever hear, but it’s as close as
we got. It celebrates the somewhat abstract feeling of home that can mean different things to
different people. A room, a house, a person, a certain smell, the warmth of a cat in your lap, or
a special group of people. The things we’re all in search of, the feeling of being welcomed
with unconditional love and the space to be fully yourself.

Christmas Digital Album Tracks

|Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (feat. Sivert Høyem)
Walking in the Air
Driving Home for Christmas
Song for a Winter’s Night (feat. Live Hanken)
Mitt hjerte alltid vanker
Christmas Must Be Tonight (feat. Bernhoft)
Kling no klokka
Christmas Comes to Us All Once a Yea

28 november 2023
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