Het kon niet uitblijven; kort na de start van de uitverkochte Noorse tour, heeft Kaizers Orchestra nu z’n Europese optredens voor 2024 aangekondigd; ‘our biggest European tour to date!’ ->

Met daarbij 2 Benelux-optredens:

9 maart – De Roma – Antwerpen

16 maart – Paradiso – Amsterdam

Hierbij de officiele aankondiging van de band:

European tour – YouTube

En van ene Erling Braut Haaland….:


”Our new song is a new-years tale about falling in love. A kind of Bruce Springsteen-inspired storytelling musical rocket shooting out from the very deep place in our soul; a heart experiencing love for the first time. A new love feels like the insides are on fire, something exploding and resulting in fireworks of emotions and colours in the sky. Falling in love can perhaps feel like that? This song might describe the feeling we will feel right before meeting with our audience again this fall”



Yes, na ruim 10 jaar is er eindelijk weer een nieuwe song van Kaizers Orchestra!

Deze nieuwe song zal de ‘soundtrack’ zijn van het nieuwe Kaizers Orchestra 2.0 avontuur dat eind vorig jaar begon, met de comeback-aankondiging, de 54 uitverkochte shows dit najaar in Noorwegen (80.000 tickets / in 14 minuten) en de internationale ambities in 2024!

“It was an especially inspiring experience composing the first track from the Kaizers Orchestra in over 10 years! Many people have asked us if we have saved Kaizer ideas throughout the years for an eventual comeback. We had not! We look at the music we make as a present-day currency. It has to do with feelings, growth and energy. To be able to make the music feel good and relevant for Kaizers Orchestra in 2023, we believe in new, inspired ideas. Janove composed “Dine Gamle Dager Er Na” early January 2023, only a week prior to the first rehearsal”.

“We wanted to make something that could be described as a classic rock anthem with Kaizers´ unique instrumentation. An incredible fun experience! Here, you will have percussionistic, open drumming, walking-stand-up-bass, riff on one guitar, monumental power chords on the other and as well as recognizable tangent riffs. It opens with our signature beat and what we call the ‘Bowie riff’ on keys before the song explodes and becomes the recognizable Kaizers Orchestra rock we all know. The arrangement is inspired by the mentioned Bowie and Queen, but also new references to The Cure, The War On Drugs, Bon Iver and a solid dose of the 80´s in general. And super producer Jorgen Traen delivered a world class sound image again”.

19 september 2023
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