Persbericht, vrijdag 1 juli 2022

IRON SAVIOR Announces “Reforged – Ironbound (Vol. 2)” and Shares Re-Recorded Version of Classic “Solar Wings “! German power metal masters Iron Savior have been active for a quarter of a century now. Consistency and high quality delivery have earned the band around Piet Sielck a large and loyal fanbase.

In 2017, the band started a special project: Their first five studio albums were no longer available at that time (but the band could not simply re-release them for legal reasons), so they decided to re-record some highlight tracks of the Noise Records years. The result, “Reforged – Riding On Fire”, was received positively throughout and made the fans ask for more. The history of Iron Savior is full of highlights, and there are many more gems that were not selected for a re-recording at that time due to capacity reasons.

Thus it quickly became clear: “Reforged” goes into the second round, and Reforged – Ironbound (Vol. 2) will be coming out on August 26, 2022 via AFM Records! Today, Iron Savior has shared a video for the re-recorded version of “Solar Wings”.


3 juli 2022
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