After Twisted Rose entered the Top 30 of the Amazon Music Charts

straightaway with their last release “Wanted”, they now step it up a notch with “Greed 4 Speed”. With this brilliant rock banger, Twisted Rose once again prove that they are ready for the big stage. Obviously, they have committed themselves to bringing back the stadium rock for good reason.

Their latest song “Greed 4 Speed” definitely has the potential for Twisted Rose to break the sound barrier to the rock Olympus. Chris Bones’ fast-paced guitar riffs and frontwoman Caro’s snotty vocals really heat things up. “Greed 4 Speed” puts you in the mood of a wild car ride. You can literally feel the fire under the wheels and the rush of speed. The rousing energy of the song immerses you in the feeling of adventure, thrill and freedom.

With “Greed 4 Speed” Twisted Rose succeeds in creating an energetic song that should not be missing on any action movie soundtrack. The powerful chorus conveys the feeling of strength and the certainty that no obstacle can stop you. Skillfully arranged, “Greed 4 Speed” offers the pleasure of lightness and liveliness despite its musical thrust.

On August 4, 2023, “Greed 4 Speed” by Twisted Rose will be available on all major music platforms and streaming services. At the same time, the action-packed video will be released on YouTube. Who doesn’t feel like a little challenge?

To all those who can’t get enough of Twisted Rose after this wild ride, the band gives the green light: the new album “Cherry Tales” is already in the starting blocks and will be released in September 2023. This much is promised: You can expect great things!

13 augustus 2023
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