Sex Pistols bassist and Rock Hall Of Fame inductee Glen Matlock has inked a new worldwide deal with Cooking Vinyl, which will see the label release Glen’s long-awaited, timely and politically pertinent new solo album ‘Consequences Coming’ on April 28th, 2023
Glen Matlock is a singer/songwriter/guitarist with a highly-esteemed resume.  The original bassist and songwriter of the Sex Pistols, Matlock is responsible for co-penning some of history’s most iconic songs, ‘Anarchy In The UK,’ ‘God Save The Queen’ and ‘Pretty Vacant’.  After his time with The Sex Pistols, Matlock went on to form several well-regarded bands including Rich Kids (with Midge Ure).  He has collaborated with such artists as Iggy Pop, and Primal Scream, and is also a highly in-demand player, playing live with the likes of the legendary reformed Faces.
His persona these days may be that of a stylish rock gent, but as always, the former icon of punk remains politically passionate. This album is nothing short of Glens call to arms to tackle this current diabolical period of governance.
Earlier Matlock released ‘Head On A Stick’, the first single of the forthcoming album. “Peeved at the predictable but ultimately pointless political lurch to the right that has happened in the West over the past few years,” he explains. “One which has been aided and abetted by the vested interests of a client press, I put pen to paper and plectrum to guitar to compose a song that’s a call to arms, a wake up alarm and primal open your eyes scream.”
Glen continues, “It might be easy to be wise after the event but some saw where we were headed and in the words of ‘Pete Seeger’ attempted to hammer out a warning. We always thought it can’t happen here but it sadly most definitely has and heads should justifiably roll…”
“The album was written and recorded in Britain over the last 18 months or so with a posse of seasoned but on point performers.” says Matlock. “All done during the debacle that is Brexit and the rise and fall of the turgid Trump episode in the US. These songs reflect my take on the whole sorry mess that has ensued.”
Matlock elaborates on the album, “Now the wheels of the music business can sometimes move at a lugubrious, glacial pace, and sometimes the moment might be lost but seeing no break in the clouds or clear light at the end of the tunnel, surely the only demand on people’s lips should be that there are ‘Consequences Coming’ for the fat headed oafs who have foisted their asinine warped sensibilities on us.” However: “The tunes are pretty catchy too…”
29 maart 2023
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