“Welcome To The Sixth Stage Of Grief” is arguably MORDKAUL’s most brutal song so far, especially when it comes to the lyrics:

“These lyrics describe the darkest of human emotions: the desire for revenge. How betrayal and grief lead to inhuman acts of  cruelty and violence. In the end, every human being can be provoked to cross the line where all humanity is lost to this vile and primitive lust for retaliation.”

Musically you can expect a high level of aggression, speed, melody and heaviness. Where the debut album ‘Dress Code: Blood’ was heavily inspired by the iconic Swedish death metal bands from the 90’s, ‘Feeding The Machine’ goes a step further than that. With wider influences of iconic 90’s death metal acts like Morbid Angel and Death, ‘Feeding The Machine’ hits harder. “Welcome To The Sixth Stage Of Grief” is the pinnacle of that.

The video is produced by Jelle Boucher (Aborted, Stake, Diablo Blvd) and is the band’s first release featuring James McIlroy (ex-Cradle Of Filth) who recently joined the band.

3 augustus 2023
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