Single: Talkin’ Ugly Truth, Tellin’ Pretty Lies (Title Track)

This song tells the story of a renegade couple, a Bonnie and Clyde kind of character, who live the life of the underworld; smart people from a small town who can get you anything you want or need. But like every mafioso story, in the end when you least expect it, it all catches up to you, and you pay the price.

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Within the first 2 weeks, the music video garnered over 1M views
(currently sits with over 1.3M)!

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About the Album:
“With the album, “Talkin’ Ugly Truth, Tellin’ Pretty Lies”, I’m tackling the future by wrestling with the past, all while living in the present tense. Dealing with the tension and pressures of current life, the vulnerability of aging along with the denial and acceptance of its inevitabilities. All of the stories, poetry and philosophies set sonically in a postmodern production that hints at tradition while pushing boundaries and mixing textures. It’s meant to feel like a safe place to ponder complex realities…” – Bruce Sudano

The majority of the album was written over the spring and fall of 2022 in Milano. Bruce began a working relationship with Grammy-winning producer Ken Lewis (Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Lana Del Rey, fun.) during the mixing process for “Two Bleeding Hearts” , his duet with Valerie Simpson (“I’m Every Woman”, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, “Ain’t Nothing But The Real Thing”). Ken and Bruce had a shorthand understanding and similar vision for what the songs required. The one song that escaped this process was “Under the Gun”, which Bruce wrote and recorded in Los Angeles, August of 2022 with his longtime guitarist and producer Randy Ray Mitchell.

As for the album design Bruce turned to the tasteful, innovative eye of Mike McGlaflin. In the past, Bruce has sometimes used an art piece for an album cover. For this record he decided to borrow a detail from a painting by his late wife Donna Summer. He thought it reflected the “subtlety, complexities and nuance that I’ve tried to create for every song on this record.”

About Bruce:
The American singer-songwriter has a storied history in the world of music. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, his unique journey includes an early songwriting mentorship from Tommy James (the pair co-wrote the 1969 hit “Ball of Fire” for James’ band The Shondells), co-founding two groups in the ‘70’s, Alive ‘N Kickin’ and Brooklyn Dreams, who both scored Billboard charting songs (“Tighter, Tighter” and “Heaven Knows” respectively), and seeing his work recorded by iconic artists like Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire (both with “Starting Over Again”) and Michael & Jermaine Jackson (“Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming”). But his most fruitful association dates from 1977 when Bruce began working with Donna Summer, co-writing her smash hit “Bad Girls”, and developing what became a 3+ decade musical partnership and marriage, until her passing from cancer in 2012.

This tragedy started Bruce on a new journey, writing, recording and touring for himself, releasing 6 albums and numerous singles throughout the past decade.  Bruce’s musical capabilities blend philosophical, spiritual, love, and social consciousness ideas, expressing internal challenges from everyday life and songs dispatched from the heart, with exquisite story telling. His life and his stories continue in his upcoming album Talkin’ Ugly Truth, Tellin’ Pretty Lies. An album that dives into every stage of life, from the exhilaration of youth through the maze of love, loss, and lessons learned, ending with what it all means and where the journey leads from there.

In the album’s first week, it was the 2nd most added at Folk radio in the US.

25 maart 2024
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