Musically uniting everyone with an anthemic song, we can all relate to the band Brewn,

who releases their new single and lyric video, “Always Calling.” A band of country-infused rockers, Brewn delivers a profoundly powerful sound that resonates with audiences globally. “Always Calling” embodies the message of being driven to follow your inner voice and trusting the process.

Their new single “Always Calling” is about living with the always-calling voice in your head and fighting against finding some perspective. Lead singer of the band Brewn, Mick Bond, says, “In the process of producing the song, the meaning of it has evolved over time. The song ‘Always Calling’ was originally written about a guy whose heart had been stolen by an exotic dancer. She also danced for others and could never be his one and only. Even knowing this, he could not stop his desire for her to call constantly.”

The five-piece group continues to capture elements of country and rock music to bring to fruition their deep roots. Hailing from Australia with their nostalgic sound, the band expands globally as they express the purpose of a truth-telling story about a piece of someone’s heart.

“After producing the lyric video and sharing the track with others, the band released the song with a message that is much bigger than a simple story. “This is calling, and your inner voice is calling you. A voice inside you you cannot ignore. Follow your inner voice, your alter ego, chase your desires and dreams, and be who you truly are,” adds Mick.”

Throughout the lyric video, someone struggles to block out memories of the person she always thinks about. Listening to your inner voice, the voice that guides you in the direction of your heart’s desires, helps you stay true to yourself.

The band’s signature style continues to evolve as they aim to revisit country rock in a way that is different from the norm. They blend various musical styles, either stripping things back or layering different instruments, and allow listeners to create their own story within each song. With the much-loved single “Always Calling,” Brewn’s music unites people going through different phases in their lives and embracing the essence of being lonely but not alone.

4 augustus 2023
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