blacktoothed persists with their heavy lyrical theme in their newest single, ‘Novocaine,’ exploring the well-known sensation of being either over- or under-challenged, leaving one in a perpetual state of discomfort. The track is a treasure trove of musical delights, featuring straightforward yet compelling riffs and the signature hooky chorus characteristic of blacktoothed. Notably, guitarist Matti showcases her vocal prowess, adding another layer of talent before the song concludes with a powerful and unexpected climax. “We’ve always embraced the freedom of not confining ourselves to a single genre. Some might label it as a reflection of the heavy music scene’s zeitgeist, but we believe that blending various elements together creates a truly distinctive song. NOVOCAINE embodies everything we love, from captivating melodies to powerful riffs and infectious beats. And let’s not forget the explosive and remarkably heavy ending, which pushes our tuning to uncharted territories – it’s even experimental for our own standards. Nonetheless, we’re eager to share this musical adventure with the world!” 

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1 september 2023
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