“Bastards” is de tweede single/videoclip van Bjorn Berge’s nieuwe cd/lp “SteelFingerSlim” dat op 26 januari verscheen!

Na lange afwezigheid in het release-schedule houdt Bjorn Berge de laatste jaren een mooi regelmatig tempo aan: “Who Else?” verscheen in 2019 en zijn laatste album “Heavy Gauge” was van 2021. De Noorse blues/gitaar-maestro kreeg door de lovende kritieken op zijn nieuwe albums en zijn vele optredens ter promotie daarvan de smaak weer flink te pakken. Het is nu tijd voor “SteelFingerSlim” en gelukkig bevat het wederom zijn bekende ingredienten; ‘exquisite guitar playing, ballads, groove, blues, fun cover-tracks and a lot of good time music’. Zoals altijd met de veelzijdige Bjorn ‘virtuoso of the twelve-string guitar’ Berge heeft ‘the blues no limits’ en worden ook genres als funk, pop en rock er lekker pakkend doorheen gehusseld.


1. Mama Said

2. Get It On

3. Your Man

4. Devil Calling

5. Like A King

6. Bastards

7. Spoonfull

8. Begging

9. Black Night

10. Don’t Look Back


Introducing SteelFinger Slim (theorchard.com)


Bjorn Berge has impressed for several decades as a unique guitarist, an acoustic genius and a formidable live artist. With his magical acoustic guitars, he is able to move mountains and astonish listeners with powerful arrangements. Berge delivers an energetic and dynamic performance on acoustic guitar, taking us on a musical journey through blues, rock, funk and touching ballads.


The vary talented guitarist from Haugesund, Norway has previously released 12 studio albums and a live album. In the years 2001 and 2002, he was awarded the Spellemannprisen (the Norwegian Grammy) in the blues category. He will release now his new album that takes listeners into a deep, blues-inspired musical landscape, with his own written songs, collaborations with Tim Scott McConnell (aka Ledfoot) and the usual cover-tracks (Deep Purple, Cream, Ben Harper and T-Rex).


Berge’s arrangements take shape spontaneously, both behind the scenes and during concerts, but the final details are polished through testing in front of a live audience. This is a natural approach for an artist like Bjorn Berge, who has built a solid reputation as one of the world’s foremost guitarists throughout his career. This means he regularly performs at major jazz, blues and rock festivals as well as clubs across Europe and North America.


With “SteelFingerSlim”, he takes his artistic expression to new heights and explores various shades of blues music. This album will undoubtedly attract both loyal fans and new followers of Berge’s music.

2 februari 2024
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