WILD LIFE STRANGERS, the first album from Texas-raised, Germany-based Alternative Rock trio MARFA MOTEL is out now and streaming on all platforms.

After their catchy but subliminally unsettling first video single Feel It and the unapologetically cocky video for They Call Me The Devil, MARFA MOTEL celebrate their album release with another visually stunning performance video for their gut-wrenching track How Much It Hurts today:

MARFA MOTEL’s Taylor Chess comments: “This one is another short love story. Met this girl in Bali and we met up in Europe a few years later and had a hell of a night… We basically went through every stage of a relationship there is in a single day. The next morning I saw her go back to New York, leaving my crib with her suitcase waving goodbye to me. It kind of left a whole in my heart. I knew it was a one-nighter but still, I felt every single emotion 100% and that’s how How Much It Hurts came to life.”

To translate this story visually, the band worked with filmmaker Mirko Witzki at Witzki Visions. Chess remembers that “I wanted to combine a more popular kind of performance with a real back to the rock roots one to build a bridge between these two styles. I felt like I needed a huge room in this video to have the emptiness I felt in my heart and soul stand out when that woman an I waved goodbye. And even though the colors give off a cold vibe, the visuals are so alive because they’re full of truly-felt emotions.”

19 november 2022
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