Paris-born creative artist and producer Aime Simone delivers his hotly anticipated new album Oh Glory on 5th May, including the singles “Baby Don’t Quit” and “New World”, and new single “Give Me Love or Give Me Nothing”.


An introspective and emotional body of work set across eleven tracks, Oh Glory captures core moments and emotions from Aime’s travels between Berlin, Los Angeles, Vienna and Paris. With a career nurtured by decisive artistic encounters (notably with the American artist Sonja Fix, his partner and alter ego) and his close relationship with Berlin – a city he called home for several years – Aime has distilled it into an album that combines his brand of subtle pop with a thoughtful and flamboyant DIY ethos.


Opening the album with the raw and emotive “Never Far” – delicate, shrilling synths bed Aime’s vulnerability as he demonstrates his impressive vocal range. Written about an experience after the passing of his grandmother, Aime’s innate empathy and deep-rooted connection to those close to him forms a thematic thread across the album.


The first release from the project “Baby Don’t Quit” blends guitar flecks from Aime’s Fender Stratocaster with more digital production, forming a notable juxtaposition of organic pop songwriting with powerful, trap-influenced instrumentals – the message a captivating and powerful ode to hope, written as a gift to his partner during a difficult period in her life.

Lead track “Give Me Love or Give Me Nothing” emerges as a significant peak – a testament to Aime’s ability to merge genres in referencing indie guitar, trap-infused drum loops and signature pop melodies, whilst closing track (and second release) “New World” sees deep basslines layered with sparse guitar, proclaiming the fight for a better world in an alternative pop mould. With a stunning animated visual that sees Aime morphing into visions of a future human-machine hybrid, the mesmerising A.I world of trippy landscapes and textures points to a singular creative mind at work.

The Paris-born singer-songwriter and producer recorded his debut album Say Yes, Say No in Berlin, releasing it independently in July 2020 –  including the viral hit single “Shining Light” which would race to over 30M streams. The rising talent has spent most of his adult life between territories, with a creative process firmly rooted in countless travels from one country to another, each of them marking a transitional moment in his life. This constant movement – both personal and geographical – has played a pivotal role in Aime’s choice of English as the language in which he could most freely express himself as an artist from his earliest compositions.

Freshly signed to Because Music (Christine and The Queens, Shygirl), and with over 1.6M dedicated monthly listeners on Spotify, a recent stand out performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival as part of their ‘Spotlight Sessions’ and an upcoming performance at Great Escape festival on 12th May, the release of Oh Glory serves as a distinct marker in Aime’s continuing trajectory as a thrilling new name in the pop landscape.


6 mei 2023
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