I was inspired by two songs from the eighties: ‘Big Log’ and ‘Bird Of Paradise’. I like the slow tempo and desolate openness of both songs. Those icy guitar sounds still give me goosebumps. They reflect the loneliness and despair I felt for a long time in my youth. I’ve always wanted to make a song like this.
About Tobias Bader
Boundaries are reserved for countries and actions. Tobias Bader is a musician who loves to blur them all, especially given his talent in writing music. From the strings of acoustic, folk and funk to the electric euphoria of disco, rock and surf punk – you’ll find him all over the map. Specifically, though, he was born in Berlin and lives in Amsterdam-which almost takes the place back to a different time. Retrobias Bader is here to steal the spotlight, every time.

It can all start with his single from 2019 called Rise and Fall. What can be explained as the prelude, was followed by the EP by the same name, where his genre bending antics were on full display. Since then, he has released one more EP called Speed of Light earlier in 2023 and the album, Lost On A Star. If you peruse through these, there is a good chance you’ll be shocked that one artist made it all.

He loves collaboration, and has done so with pianist Brad Mehldau, Robin Berlijn (Fatal Flowers and Kane) and Diederik Nomden (Analogues, Johan). Dick Sinnige has been his long-time collaborator for the interesting, image rich lyrics he sings. Talent cannot be contained, so he constantly performs with either his band or with Ute Passionflower as a singer-songwriter. Tobias Bader is not someone who will just align with the grain, his music has a deep-rooted texture that transcends his experiences and life. There is a chance you will experience love at first listen, with the variety he has to offer.

20 juni 2024
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