The soundtrack of the captivating videogame ‘Last Day Of June’ by musician / producer Steven Wilson is set to be released on vinyl for the very first time on November 19th, 2021 via Music On Vinyl.

The adventure puzzle video game Last Day Of June is a profound, interactive adventure about love and loss, beautifully portrayed in an intensely cinematic experience. The storyline is based on Steven Wilson’s song “Drive Home” and the whole game is complemented by more Steven Wilson music productions. Last Day Of June has won several awards and has gotten praise for its music. Now the Original Soundtrack is available on vinyl for the very first time.

The 2017 video game Last Day Of June is in third-person perspective. The player initially controls Carl who is on a date with June on the day leading up to their accident. Afterwards, the player controls Carl in their home at a later date and discovers that they can interact with June’s paintings. This allows the player to take control of various characters from the day of the accident in an attempt to solve puzzles to alter the sequence of events that indirectly caused the accident. As the player fails to prevent June’s death, new paintings and characters are unlocked to allow for an increasingly complex sequence of changes.

Eurogamer ranked Last Day of June 33rd on their list of the “Top 50 Games of 2017”, while Polygon ranked it 38th on their list of the 50 best games of 2017. In Adventure Gamers’ Aggie Awards 2017, it won the award for “Best Story”, while it was a runner-up each for “Best Concept”, “Best Graphic Design”, and “Best Non-Traditional Adventure”. It was nominated for “Game Beyond Entertainment” at the 14th British Academy Games Awards.

The soundtrack to Last Day Of June is based on existing music originally recorded and issued either on Steven Wilson’s albums under his own name or as his project Bass Communion between 2004-2016. However, with one exception, all of the music was remixed or edited especially for this soundtrack and has been carefully sequenced to make a satisfying stand-alone listening experience.

Steven Wilson is a 4 times Grammy nominated multi-instrumentalist, a sought-after mixer and producer and has become known for the high sonic and musical standards of his work. His latest album The Future Bites featured guest contributions from Elton John and Nile Rodgers, and reached the top 5 in the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, and elsewhere across Europe.  More recently Steven has become known for his immersive audio mixing, starting with his own projects, but increasingly also for several classic artists as diverse as Black Sabbath, Roxy Music, Tears For Fears, Kiss and King Crimson.

Now, the soundtrack to Last Day Of June is available on vinyl for the very first time. The LP is housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve and contains an insert with credits and details of each song. Next to the standard version, there is a limited edition available of 4000 individually numbered copies on translucent blue coloured vinyl.

Last Day Of June is available for pre-order and will be in stores on 19th November, 2021.

11 oktober 2021
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