Talk Too Much is the prime example of a gripping hook blowing right in your face without further ado, a true power rocker even by Rook Road’s standards. Meant to be played on ten, the song opens an imaginary tear in reality that sucks you in and spits you out – transformed into heavy duty steamroller to pulverize what’s eating away at your precious lifetime: “The song is about windbags who talk much and say nothing – only to obscure what’s been written all over their faces: an abyss of ignorance”. One can’t argue with that but might wanna add a great little something: Talk Too Much is the perfect symbiosis of a soundtrack and a pressure valve for, you know, the moment when putting up with this certain kind of clown becomes unavoidable.

The new video single lines up next to Kinda Glow, a rather complex song that deals with revolution while encouraging standing up for yourself and listening to your own needs instead of following others blindly. Rook Road, a band where all members are equally involved in the composing process, gives more insights as to how the songs came together during the pandemic: “The song was created during the first Covid lockdown in April 2020. Without the possibility for direct contact and jamming, we moved the songwriting to digital and exchanged ideas online. Everyone recorded their ideas at home without further ado. The subsequent massive exchange of audio files through the web can hardly be put into words – but it all worked out and surprisingly, Kinda Glow still feels like we were jamming the shit outta it together.”

Musically, the band is following their passion of fully dedicating their output to diverse heavy rock. The single Kinda Glow really shows what the band is made of in terms of both instinct and skill. Starting off with an alarmingly sinister buzzing from the genuine Hammond organ, a disruptive drum and bass run suddenly cuts right through, followed by the guitar falling in line. This intro alone creates a feeling of suspense not unlike the iconic Jaws soundtrack from the 70s – the genius of simplicity can’t be beaten after all when backed by a keen sense for scenic effect. And just like cinema’s greatest apex predator deals its thrashing after each nail-biting premonition, the tension explodes and Kinda Glow turns into a heavy yet impelling true rocker.

Fueled by a modern production that stays firmly put on the edge between raw power and the right degree of transparency, the band manages to retain the feeling of an intense jam with friends while proving the flawless liaison between the individual members.

The one who doesn’t get triggered to really rock it up might just as well cut their leg and jump into shark-infested water. Everyone else: Take the damn elevator up to 70’s heavy rock heaven and ask for Rook Road at the reception – you’ll be right home!

Rook Road’s debut album will be released via SAOL on November 11th, 2022 and is available for pre-order now.

25 september 2022
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