Rayland Baxter over My Argentina: “It is a stripped down piano ballad that centers around the grief and loss he’s processing on the record. The live performance companion videoclip features a somber and gorgeous rendition of the song with Baxter, a piano and a trio of backing vocalists.”

“This song is a goodbye to destructive and temperamental characters of my consciousness – the firecrackers that blow up in my face – the brick wall I drive through just to look back and see an easier way around – after the everything in hindsight had been destroyed – it was too late. I lost friends because of this character and I lost loved ones because of this character – this character – I found to be my navigational hang up. Ofcourse, there was a way to the gentle and effective walk around a wall, and this is my goodbye to the hang up”.

“If I Were A Butterfly” is Rayland Baxter’s vierde studio-album. Het verschijnt na zijn laatste eigen album “Wide Awake” uit 2018 en de Mac Miller-tribute EP “Good Mmornin” (2019). Het nieuwe album staat onder meer in het teken van het overlijden van zijn vader, de legendarische ‘pedal steel player’ Bucky Baxter (die o.a. speelde in de bands van Bob Dylan en Steve Earle), die ook op dit album te horen is, naast bijdragen van leden uit bands als Cage The Elephant, Alabama Shakes en Morning Teleportation. Rayland Baxter co-produceerde het album eigenhandig en langdurig in een verlaten en afgelegen studio en deed in en om deze ‘rubber-band factory turned studio in Kentucky’ veel inspiratie op voor (natuur)soundscapes, samples, melodieën en arrangementen; ‘his album is a patchwork of lush psychedelia and Beatlesque indie pop; his wit, storytelling and songcraft is front and center’!

Op 4 november verscheen het album: “If I Were A Butterfly”.

12 november 2022
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