Vandaag verschijnt de nieuwe single ‘Frozen Things’’ van de in Nederland woonachtige, Israelische zangeres en songwriter Roni Dot. Het nummer is op alle streamingdiensten te beluisteren en is de eerste track van het nog te verschijnen album later in 2023.

De single is de eerste release via het Amsterdamse Revange Records label en komt met een prachtige videoclip. De clip betrof een internationale samenwerking tussen Conni Trommlitz (Duitsland), Eilit Marom (Israel) en Roni Dot.

Roni over Frozen Things: “Even the people that know me best don’t know my secrets. The parts I don’t want to deal with, some bad things that were done to me, some bad things I myself have done – they hold too much pain within them. The need to stay ‘clean’, stay ‘good’- it’s so strong. It’s better I bury them, in deep mental snow where they stay untouched. Digging out old incidents might rattle the way I see myself, the way I want to be seen. So I rather play “Snow queen”, freeze my heart regarding those things, stay distant from the pain, so it doesn’t swallow me. Recorded late at night, ‘Frozen things’ is best listened to when it’s raining, with your eyes closed. The frozen things videoclip explores inner/outer effects of disconnecting and lets some little fractions of the past disturb my stillness.”

5 november 2022
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