Vorige maand kondigde Killer Mike zijn nieuwe plaat MICHAEL (16 juni) aan. Met deze aankondiging deelde de rapper ook de single Don’t Let The Devil. Vandaag deelt hij de bijzondere single MOTHERLESS. Dat is niet alles, want zowel Don’t Let The Devil als MOTHERLESS hebben nu ieder een eigen videoclip, die bij elkaar een geheel vormen.

Moeder Niecy gaf vroeger ‘artsy-disco-bohemian-achtige’ feestjes thuis. Van deze vrolijke herinnering aan Mike’s jeugd mogen wij nu meegenieten met behulp van de videoclip.

De titel van deel 2, MOTHERLESS, geeft al weg dat deze videoclip een sombere herinnering weergeeft. Voor Mike de eerste keer dat hij de woorden ‘My momma dead’ uitsprak. Toch vindt hij het belangrijk dat het verhaal de viering van een ‘Badass prachtvrouw’ uit zijn leven is.

Killer Mike has shared a two part short film tribute to his late mother comprising a pair of songs from his forthcoming album MICHAEL (out June 16 via Loma Vista Recordings), including his most recent single “DON’T LET THE DEVIL (feat EL-P & thankugoodsir)” and the previously unreleased song “MOTHERLESS.” In keeping with the album’s nakedly autobiographical nature, the two-parter kicks off with Mike digging through keepsakes in his mother’s Atlanta home when he discovers and smokes a joint among her belongings that unlocks a wave of memories. “DON’T LET THE DEVIL,” directed by Davi Peña based on a treatment by EL-P, is a joyful and nostalgic homage to the parties Mama Niecy used to throw in the family’s home. Mike notes: “El’s heard me talk about these bohemian-artsy-disco infused parties my mom used to throw when I was kid. I’d hear everything there- that’s where I first heard Grandmaster Flash, Kurtis Blow & Whodini. So when we were trying to figure out what the video for “DON’T LET THE DEVIL” should be – Jaime came back with this treatment written out and I cried at the end. What’s even crazier is he didn’t know what we were doing for “MOTHERLESS” either but that’s the magic I guess.”


MOTHERLESS,” directed by Shane Smith, is a somber tribute to the impact she had on all around her, culminating in a recreation of the moment Mike rapped the phrase “my Momma dead” in the recording studio, realizing immediately after that it was the first time he had spoken those words aloud. “When I first played Dion (No I.D.) the album he said two things – one of which was that I was essentially holding something back and that was the song “MOTHERLESS”, Mike explains. “It was the last song made for the album because I hadn’t uttered these words out loud since her transitioning. When I tell the story of my mother the tales told include one when I walked in on her attempting to take her own life- it gets to the heart of how deeply sensitive an artist and human she was. She survived, was diagnosed bi-polar and depressed; she fought that until the day she died. She lived a beautifully rich outlaw of a life and I am honored to show her as the total beautiful badass she was.” He continues “These aren’t meant to be sad videos or eulogies. This is a celebration of a BAD ASS BLACK GIRL from the westside of Atlanta. She’s been affectionately called OG Mama Niecy by the many people she helped stay on their path.”


To complement Killer Mike’s very personal, fan driven 2 part presentation of his music videos “DON’T LET THE DEVIL” and “MOTHERLESS”, BET/MTV also participated in the launch of his new music. Hosting a broadcast premiere for “MOTHERLESS” the same day, with hourly plays across 6 of their networks channels (BET Jams, BET Soul, Yo! MTV, MTVU, MTV Live, and MTV Biggest Pop) and release day profile on Paramount’s Times Square Billboard.


Killer Mike recently announced a 19-date US tour in support of his forthcoming solo album MICHAEL – his first major solo outing since touring in support of his 2012 album R.A.P Music. Tickets for the tour, which kicks off July 10 in Birmingham and makes its way across the US, including an appearance at Pitchfork Music Festival and a performance at New York City’s iconic Apollo Theatre, before wrapping up August 5 in New Orleans.

11 mei 2023
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