HOSTAGE, did it again! The guys (and gal, this time) don’t do covers very often but when they do, the result is pure dope! After their legendary The Chainsmokers cover of Don’t Let Me Down, that got them a million Spotify plays over night – a year before their very first album (MEMENTO MORI, freshly released) was even in the making, it’s a personal one this time. In their adaption of Imagine Dragons’ OST title track for Netflix’ TV show Arcane, singer Noah is finally coming to terms with his inner Demons, breaking free from a severe and devastating addiction to the MOBA League of Legends.

Here’s what this one felt like to me: Imagine Dragons – possessed, with much better vocals, a shitload of groove and the sickest breakdown that I’ve heard lately, if not ever!

Oh, and Noah isn’t singing alone this time ‘round: His duet with adorable Twitch streamer Ifa (Ifas_Core) and her sweet, golden voice make this one a true heart breaker.

19 december 2022
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