Half Me release their first-ever album titled »SOMA«, out now via Arising Empire, and serve their new video for ‘I Am But A Guest In Exile’ to emphasize this juggernaut of a milestone. Riding the high of their recent success, Half Me continues and raise the bar with »SOMA« which blends a modern rendition of metal and hardcore with highlights of 90’s nu-metal. Pounding riffs and breakdowns are accompanied by brutal, yet sometimes elegant, vocals that all balance together to formulate the band’s own distinctive sound.

Theme & Lyrics:
“I AM BUT A GUEST IN EXILE is leading into the final act of the album. The fear of being replaced is getting out of hand and delusion is spiraling out of control. The entity that has accompanied them for so long is beginning to force itself onto the protagonist. Has it already taken over? There’s no way to determine from the outside so is it even possible to notice from within? While suffering from sleep withdrawal and schizophrenic episodes the protagonist is repeating their mantra to stay in control: Don’t black out.”

Half Me – encompassed by guitarists Chris and Julius, vocalist Chris, drummer Max and bassist Tobias – are one of the newest additions to the Arising Empire roster. »SOMA« is released as CD, limited colored vinyl, and exclusive merch options and digitally via Arising Empire https://arisingempire.com/soma.

»SOMA« track listing:
01. Wraith
02. Trauma Culture
03. Distort
04. Magma Hour
05. Ex Negativo
06. Zenit
07. Proxy
08. Outbreak
09. Blacklight
10. I am But A Guest In Exile
11. Mitternacht
12. Half Me

19 februari 2023
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