Faroese singer jazzygold is unveiling her new single ‘day off’, via Tutl Records, ahead of her performance at Icelandic Airwaves in Reykjavik, set for tonight.

jazzygold, who released her debut single and video ‘boring like me’ in February, has been on the rise with hits like dyed my hair red’ and ‘lonely afterparties’, together with a series of live performances across Europe, including The Great Escape Festival, G! Festival, and Molde Jazz. ’day off’ is the fourth single we’ve got from her this year. It was written on one of those days she didn’t really feel like going to the studio, but she went anyways and wrote a song about it instead of feeling bad about it.

Listen to ‘day off’ HERE


Jazzygold says: ”We’re in the darker days at this point, and it can get hard to be productive, feel inspired and get out of bed, especially if you’re from the Faroe Islands, where the winters are long. Day off is a reminder to myself and everyone else who can relate that it should be okay to take a day off, or a week, or years, or a whole lifetime if that’s what you need to feel better. You have to prioritise yourself and your mental health because no one else is gonna do it for you.”


The song also touches on the guilt of having a day off. She continues: ”I can often feel bad when I don’t do shit cause it feels like I’m falling behind, so I end up using the whole day to stress about those thoughts AND still not doing shit, instead of just saying, ‘’okay, something inside of me says that I need to log off for a bit and maybe just be in my feelings or watch TikTok all day and that’s fine’’. I’m still learning all of these things ‘cause they’re very hard to balance.”

jazzygold is the new artist project from Jasmin Mote. Melting R&B and soul-pop perfectly, she writes about life in her 20s. Too much partying, too many hangovers, too many heartaches, dying her hair red, being tired of her friends and cheering for new beginnings. She’s honest and maybe a bit too real? That’s definitely something you can feel in her voice, lyrics and music.

As a woman of colour, she didn’t really have anyone to mirror herself in when she was little, and that’s one of the reasons she wanted to start this project. She wants the younger generation in her country and around the world to relate to her music and see someone who looks like her make it in the real world, even though you’re from a tiny little place called the Faroe Islands.

About jazzygold:

From the Faroe Islands with roots in Kenya, Jasmin Mote aka jazzygold was part of “JASMIN” from 2017 to 2022. The band played concerts in Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and of course, the Faroe Islands. They also played at Uhørt Festival (2021), Sørveiv Festival (2019) and G festival (2018 and 2019).

After releasing two EPs, winning three Faroese Music Awards and travelling to play concerts, Jasmin felt that it was time for her to take a break from JASMIN. And she did. She travelled to Stockholm and did nothing but being creative and wrote 10 songs in all. She got to experiment with the music and found a sound that feels like the real her. Since then, she’s been back and forth in Stockholm a few times, and she recently travelled to London as well to write music.


After two years in the making, jazzygold is now sharing these new bangers under her new identity with the rest of the world.

5 november 2023
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