Florida-based Gods of Centaurus, (GOC), which morphed out the band Dark Matter, is currently mixing their second effort at Morrisound Recording, Tampa, FL., with Jim Morris at the helm.
The album, entitled “Volition,” is set to be released this Fall with the first single due out mid-Summer. The band’s lineup consists of Paul Beach (lead vocals), John Beach (keyboards and backing vocals), Terry Schambers (guitar), Jeff Lords (bass), and GJ Gosman (drums). Jeff Lords, who is also bassist/co-songwriter and founding member of the prog-metal band, Crimson Glory, supplies the subject matter and concepts around which the band’s songs are composed. Topics include child abuse, martyrdom, self-determination, sensationalism, in conjunction with concepts of the purely abstract.

The new album follows in the wake of their self-titled GOC debut, which featured the single and video “Sleeping Wide Awake,” about the Radium Girls, and how young, female factory workers who painted watch dials during WWI were mysteriously dying, when it was later discovered that the glow in the dark paint that they were using contained trace but deadly amounts of radium.
Song titles for the upcoming album include: Rogue Star, Another Planet’s Hell, Suffer the Cost, Die Martyr Die, which will show that the band are continuing this theme of interesting and thematic lyric writing

Jeff Lords is also currently involved in the resurrection of Crimson Glory with new singer Travis Wills fronting the band, along with Mark “Borgy” Borgmeyer who replaced original guitarist Jon Drenning for an early 2025 release on BraveWords Records.

For more info visit https://www.godsofcentaurus.com/
29 juni 2024
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