With the dog days of summer nearly behind us, Bonnie “Prince” Billy presents a revitalized “Outsider” anthem; a cover version from one of the giants of the punk era. With a Ramones song built for a ‘Prince’ (from the pen of immortal Dee Dee), Bonny reframes the lyric’s psycho-stoicism with stately melody. Produced in 2016 with Mark Nevers, the song features Chris Scruggs (of the Fabulous Superlatives) and homeboys William Tyler, Peter Townsend and D.C. Berman, who pours existential dread from Dee Dee’s bridge. Elsa Oldham’s artwork celebrates the triumvirate of star-crossed singers above!

Stream ‘Outsider’ here

Following the release of “Outsider”, Bonny embarks on his own kind of tour across America. With his mythos in the wind, songs of love and horror (and others) in tow and the joy of singing and playing in shared space, BPB will once again step into our waiting and needing minds and souls.

15 augustus 2022
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