2022 stond al te boeken als het meest productieve jaar tot nu toe van Bear’s Den, met de release van hun vierde studioalbum Blue Hours in Mei, en hun originele soundtrack voor de Apple TV+ serie Trying in Juli. Op die soundtrack staat ook de Maisie Peters samenwerking A Good Love Pt.2 en Please Don’t Hide Yourself Away ft. Jade Bird. Nu gooit het folk-pop duo daar vandaag nog een schepje bovenop met de release van de nieuwe single Stitch In Time. Bear’s Den tourt momenteel door Noord-Amerika.

Having already embarked on their most prolific year to date, which includes the release of their highly-praised fourth studio album ‘Blue Hours’ in May, and their original soundtrack for the Apple TV+ series Trying – launched in July and recently came to a series finale on September 2nd – which featured the Maisie Peters collaboration ‘A Good Love Pt.2’ and the BBC Radio 2 playlisted ‘Please Don’t Hide Yourself Away’ ft. Jade Bird, folk-pop duo Bear’s Den return once again to deliver their powerful new single ‘Stitch In Time’.

‘Stitch In Time’ was developed during the writing process for their newest full-length LP, and were inspired to complete the song after finally returning to touring once again. Reflecting on the themes of trauma and depression that had honed their recent material, this new offering makes for a bold and engaging listen that perfectly illustrates the grateful mindset the duo have maintained since returning to the studio.

Adding about the story behind ‘Stitch In Time’ they said, “A Stitch in Time was a piano idea I was working on while writing Blue Hours and the first time I played through the rough sketch of the idea on piano to anyone was in RAK studios while working on the song New Ways. It felt like both Kev and I were immediately excited by the idea of the song back then and complimentary musical ideas felt immediate and exciting for both of us so as soon as I got back from the tour I focussed on finishing it.”

“After being on the road as a band for the first time in a couple years after making Blue Hours, it felt so amazing and inspiring to be back playing to audiences again. It also felt like there was another side to the Blue Hours album that needed exploring. We had about 20 demos for Blue Hours but there were about as many more in varying states of completion that were also exciting. Stitch in Time being one of those. Super inspired by playing those shows again as a band, we decided to finish off a bunch more songs once we got back from tour and we recorded this one at the brilliant Middle Farm Studiosin Devon.”

“Stitch in Time” is a song exploring ideas around trauma. Specifically, the idea of reaching back through time to be with someone in a difficult moment and just being with them and letting them know that it’s not ok.  Reaching someone before that moment becomes woven tightly into the fabric of their character. A theme of the newer songs is fears around parenthood. Recognising that I don’t want my kid to inherit some of the difficult things I went through or develop any of my unhealthy ways of dealing with stuff. “A stitch in time saves nine” is an old saying that essentially means if you can sort something out in the right moment – it might save you a lot more work down the line. That’s kinda the essence of the song.”

16 september 2022
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