ANN MY GUARD have released their long-awaited new single Lilith. The band is definitely surprising their fans with the language of this track, as it is for the first time in the formation’s history that the whole song is in their mother language, Hungarian.

“Lilith not only appeared in my dreams, but also in real life she sent me countless signs to write a song about her message. Lilith’s ‘demonic’ figure has been regularly misinterpreted in religious history, even though all she asked was to be treated equally with men. This world’s odd patriarchal system embitters the soul, makes the body sick and invades and drains the mind. Even in today’s world, the woman who embraces both the bright and the dark side of her soul has to face many confrontations, being afraid if she reveals her ancient ‘wild’ self, that would be stigmatized by society. The reason why I wrote this song in my Mother Language is that I felt that I have to speak to the souls of the Hungarian people. Because not only women, but also men suffer from this system! We have to cleanse and heal our scars and traumas together, both in a historical and personal context. A new woman and man are being born, in whose souls light and darkness come into perfect balance — since neither can exist without the other. With the help of Lilith, we can start the healing process and redefine our re-connection with our Divine Self”  – Eszter Anna Baumann says.

16 september 2022
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