Na de track “No Reservations”, en tevens eerste track van het aankomende album, komt Alex Williams met het titelnummer “Waging Peace” van het gelijknamige album. Dit zegt Alex zelf over zijn nummer.

Waging Peace

“I chose this song as the title track because it seemed like the centerpiece for this whole project as far as the subject matter goes. I wrote this at home in 2020 during the initial part of the pandemic, and It’s a song about finding peace and optimism within yourself in this world, amongst the troubled times we live in, as well as the guilt one may hang on that seems to never let go of the mental game. Discovering that we are always our own worst enemy, and that making changes to better ourselves is the best thing we can do in order to see and truly cherish the important things that shine the brightest in our lives.”

9 september 2022
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